Social Marketing Management

Social Media Marketing Management is a short term non-certificate course, specially designed for the bloggers, business website owners, marketing professionals, individuals and those who seeks to promote themselves or their business in social media platforms.

The Social Media Marketing Management course focuses to cleanly handling of social media  platforms, which will help to create branding on social medias.

The contents of this course is handpicked, especially keeping on the mindset of marketing professionals and bloggers view point.

The training methodology is one-to-one is used in Social Media Marketing Management course. The facts and reasons of different concepts are to be explained on this session. This course is a very tiny part or portion of our another course named Basic SEO Course.

Salient Features

  • Learn different features of using Social Media Platforms for Better Marketing
  • Tricks & Tactics of engaging users and become promoted.
  • Enabling the digital platforms on your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Management

799910 hours