Basic SEO Course


Basic SEO Course

SEO Professional CoursesSEO is a highly paid profession, just because, a professionally crafted websites must be associated with SEO to gain weightage on the internet.

Learn Basic Skills and tricks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with the SEO professionals. We at Crust encourage your interest in web designing skills towards professionalism.

We empower in you the basic skills required for professionally grow your career.

Most of our training techniques includes the practical oriented in support with a minimal theory. This strategy enables the learner to gain practical knowledge of SEO.


  • Regular day/evening classes available
  • Classes conducted on Sundays only upon specific request
  • Specially designed for non-technical background students
  • Course Start Date: 1st & 3rd week of month

Basic SEO Course

This course help you to understand the very basic techniques of search engine optimization. This is a professional course, which teach you the basic knowledge you must have to promote any websites on the web..
₹24,000(Duration: 30 Hours)
  • Basics of SEO Skills
  • Hands on Training
  • Professional Methodology

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