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Website Re-Design

What is Website Re-Designing?

The restructuring of the running website into the new feel and look. Making the running website more user friendly and thereby increasing the conversion rate. Many a times the templates, themes, fonts, color combinations, appearances and contents are to be restructured in website re-designing process.

Whether there is any loss in contents of the current website?

The contents of the current website will not be altered without the client’s prior permission. We at Crust, takes utmost care to preserve your existing contents as-it-is. We create the sense of no fear of loosing their existing contents and traffic to the website.

What are the benefits of re-designing of the website?

Re-designing of the website attracts higher concentration among the existing visitors of your website. Apart from that, the website is more compatible with the latest upgraded technology. It also helps in Search Engine Optimization for your website. The bugs in existing website is fixed while redesigning the site. Many a times it resulted in higher conversion rate to the website owners after the website is redesigned.

Looking for re-branding your official website? We’re right here to redesign your website. A greater feel and user end experience is to be provided to your running website. Consult us to brief the best possible features to be enabled in your web portal.